1912 Foundation garments. Edwardian corset and Chemise

With any historical garment it is immensly important to have foundation garments. One simply cannot get away with out having them. The historical garments will not fit right, and thusly voids any real attempt at historical costuming. Might as well go for halloween and call it good.

So I ordered the edwardian corset from trulyvictorian. If you haven’t worked with Heathers patterns, they are AWESOME!  Here is some linkage. https://www.trulyvictorian.net/tvxcart/product.php?productid=110

Also, I ordered the all important chemise. Lets face it, I’m going to be neededing one if I want to be properly dressed.

I ordered quite a few supplies from www.corsetmaking.com here for my corset, luckily I am expercienced in making corsets, just not his style of one, so this is a first for me. Oh the road to the Titanic is going to be fun!

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